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Classic car in accident
Having an appraisal done on any classic vehicle is not only extremely important,  It could be the most important aspect to your ownership.

An appraisals can tell you what your vehicle is worth, but more than that it will give you piece of mind that you have protection for your investment. Less than 5% of classic or collectible vehicles in Canada have a qualified appraisal. This could put you at the mercy of your insurance company if there is ever an issue.

There are many other reasons to have a qualified appraisal, including estate planning, divorce, insurance etc.. Don’t be left out in the cold!

Being only 1 of 3 Nada Advisory board members in Canada, you can be sure the value of your vehicle is not only fair but backed by a professional that is respected and looked up to by many in the industry.

Cost starting at only $149.95 for an appraisal

We can do single items or entire collections.  Call us for details and to get started protecting your investment and your family TODAY!


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