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Sellers Guide

When you looking to sell your vehicle.  There are a number of things you need to do to help present your car in the right light for a buyer:
  1. Detail the car.    While this seems like a normal thing you would be surprised how many people sell uncleaned vehicles – The car needs to be clean inside and out, remove all personal items.  you don’t want a buyer looking at what you have added to personalize the vehicle.  Engine also needs to be detailed and clean tires etc…  make this as close to showroom as you can.  regardless of what the vehicle is.
  2. Information in the Ad Put down the important aspects of your vehicle.  you need to separate your vehicle form others think of all the items you felt are important to the vehicle and list them.  Then ask a friend or family member they may add a few items.
  3. Pictures,  take a number of good pictures of your vehicle between 8-12 will cover the vehicle including at least 1 interior and 1 engine.
  4. Know the correct value of your car.  Asking just 1000 over the market will frustrate you as a seller as it may make it so the phone does not ring.
  5. Scammers   Be very careful giving out any information that is personal.  Do not email a buyer registration or VIN information unless you have talked to them on the phone and you have built trust; communication is key.  Always go with your gut feeling after direct communication.  (If a person will not talk to you on the phone you may have a person that has different motives).
  6. Questions….??    A buyer will have many questions; answer them honestly and directly and listen carefully  to their questions;  they may be asking something different then you think.
  7. Inspection.  During a potential  buyer’s inspection,  let them inspect,  do not hover; leave them to look it over they will answer many of their own  questions with the inspection.
  8. Payment  when selling a vehicle you need to be careful on how you accept payment.   Cash in Person is always best but may not be practical.  Watch out for Cheques or bank Drafts,  Get them certified before the vehicle leaves your hands.