This is an Original Double sided poster for the movie  from 1977  This poster ALONE is worth over 1500 USD

This one is signed by BURT RENOLDS

Yes The bandit himself

As you must be aware his health is very poor

Also as he owes SOOOO much to the IRS he has not signed anything for the last 3 years as he does not get to keep a penny.

On to this rare and hard to replace piece.  I ordered a number of piece from kevin in 2014 including a rare signed Poster for Smoky and the bandit.  I paid when our Dollar was strong and bought volume to reduce costs.


This Rare piece has TRIPPLED in the last 4 years

Every man on earth wanted to be Burt in 1977..  he was the modern rebel..

In Gallery this Piece would be WAY over $2500.00 USD plus framing but this piece was purchased in 2014 and now may be the only one available in the market today.    Total value approx $4000/4300 Canadian.

This Rare Piece is certified by Kevin Martin owner of Piece of the Past.

A man that has Written over 30 books

Has performed hundred of Pod casts

a KNOWN expert on signatures.

Dont miss this great piece of classic Memorabilia in Lethbridge Sat may 12 2018   THE only place to be !

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