Carrol Sheby

This is one of the lowest production posters ever done

one of only 3 known  of these signed by Shelby in 1997

This poster was produced in the early 80s    very few were made.  as they were done for a Shelby campaign while shelby was merged with Dodge not Ford   so few were done. It was a history piece.

This rare Poster shows every important Shelby run in the 60s .   this breaks down to the vin THE best keep sake Shelbys in the world and what they were.

Of the 3 known signed by Carrol   one was given to  one of his long time test track drivers  1 to Lee Iaccoca ( who was now with Dodge ) and one put on display in Shelby  headquarters

In Gallery this Piece could be priced well over $10,000.00 USD.

Shelby is one of the most Iconic figures in the automotive world in the last 100 years.

This Rare Piece is certified by Kevin Martin owner of Piece of the Past.

A man that has Written over 30 books

Has performed hundred of Pod casts

a KNOWN expert on signatures.

Dont miss this great piece of classic Memorabilia in Lethbridge Sat may 12 2018   THE only place to be !

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