We all know how important the Fast and Furious franchise is ..  to get a ORIGINAL poster that is signed by the enter cast  with the talent of Vin Diesel alone  where his autograph is worth $1500.00

But this Rare piece includes Paul Walker

As he has now been gone for a number of years ( and a movie)   his autograph is commanding $3000 USD on a original Poster

Paul walker was a avid racer and car guy.  his passing as a passenger in his friends Porsche shook the world   as he signed very little  every piece now commands a huge premium.  DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS PIECE!

To Say hard to replace is a simple statement.

In Gallery this Piece would be $11000.00 USD

This Rare Piece is certified by Kevin Martin owner of Piece of the Past.

A man that has Written over 30 books

Has performed hundred of Pod casts

a KNOWN expert on signatures.

Dont miss this great piece of classic Memorabilia in Lethbridge Sat may 12 2018   THE only place to be !

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