Mothers day is May 13th

SO   we have somthing for the Mothers..

This is one of the rarest Daimonds in the World

Only 1 mine in the world gets PINK Diamonds

ARGYLE mine is in Austraila

And Less then 1% of the diamonds mined is are Diamonds.

Of that less then 1% of the pink Diamonds are VS2 or better quality  so you understand UNDER 1% of under1% of the diamonds mines at this mine are Pink and its the only mine in the world that has Pink Diamonds.

and most pink Diamonds are under .1 Crt..

this is a  loose .18 Heart shaped Diamond  perfect for a ring  pendant or whatever you want to do.

These Pink Diamonds are seen to be worth 20 to 25 times a normal Diamond of similar size and clarity

This memorabilia CERTIFIED Piece is AMAZING

Just appraised by Jeweler at $18800 USD  or just over $24 ,500 CDN

But has brought this to Lethbridge.   This is the perfect item for the Lady in your life   a personal purchase or otherwise

INVESTMENT Gems  are hard to get    because Mom counts too,,,



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